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Open a terminal window [super+t] then type sudo ab-install (or sudo abinstall) & follow these 5 steps

  • Set the Clock
  • Prepare your HD (You have the choice between cfdisk & GParted to create partitions)
  • Install Packages
  • Configure System (Setting root password and add an user)
  • Finally install GRUB

Tip: For reference, read the official Arch Linux Beginner's Guide online. If you are installing Archbang to a USB memory or USB HD, you have to add USB as a HOOK in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, during the configuration. More information in the official Installing Arch Linux on a USB key.

Changing your Password

By default, Archbang will autologin as user "live" (no password). Please be aware that your root account will not have any password set. If you want to set one, open a terminal and type :

sudo passwd root

Alternatively, pressing Ctrl+Alt+(F1 to F6) will drop you out of X to the underlying tty login.

login as root

type passwd root

then type your desired password twice

type exit

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7 to go back in the opened X session Warning: Normally if you are using the "live" user mode, you won't need any password for performing tasks which requires sudo! So be very careful about what you type!

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