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ArchBang provides a lightweight Arch Linux system combined with the Openbox Window Manager. ArchBang's package base is kept to a minimum so as to keep it light and fast with a low memory footprint. A minimal installation also allows for maximum customization, allowing the user to make their ArchBang as heavy (bloated) or lean with programs as desired.


Current Release Package List

There are a couple ways to get the complete package list of the current iso. The easiest is to boot the original iso as a LiveCD and follow the instructions in the next section to find the installed packages.

Another option is to chroot into the iso itself. To do so, first follow the instructions in the Configurations from Iso section of the Default ArchBang Configs article to mount the root image. Once the root image is mounted, chroot into the iso.

  $ sudo mount -t proc none temp/proc
  $ sudo mount -o bind /dev temp/dev
  $ sudo chroot temp /bin/bash

Once you have chroot into the iso root image, follow the instructions in the next section to find the installed packages.

Checking ArchBang Package List

To check your installed packages on your ArchBang system, open a terminal and type in:

  $ su
  $ "enter your password"
  # pacman -Q or
  # pacman --query

To limit the list to only the packages that were installed exclusively and are not required by any other package type in:

  # pacman -Qet

Typical Release Package List

The following list does not include all the packages in an ArchBang release iso. Base system packages, X window system packages, sound, boot, etc. are assumed to be installed already. This list is intended to provide you with an idea of packages that can put the Bang in your Arch install.

Base Desktop

  • conky - lightweight, scriptable system monitor for desktop
  • gmrun - simple program which provides a run program window
  • lxappearance - GTK+ theme switcher of the LXDE Desktop (manages icons and fonts)
  • lxterminal - VTE-based terminal emulator (part of LXDE)
  • network-manager-applet - notification area applet for managing your network devices and connections
  • networkmanager - manages wireless and wired interfaces, supports VPN and usb modems
  • nitrogen - background browser and setter for X windows
  • obconf - GTK2 based configuration tool for the Openbox windowmanager
  • obkey-git - Openbox key editor (AUR)
  • oblogout - Openbox logout script (AUR)
  • obmenu - Openbox menu editor
  • openbox - window manager for the X11 windowing system
  • openbox-menu - adds icons to the OB menu (AUR)
  • openbox-themes - various themes for the Openbox window manager
  • slim - lightweight graphical login manager
  • spacefm - multi-panel tabbed file manager
  • tint2 - a simple panel/taskbar intentionally made for Openbox3
  • volumeicon - volume control for your system tray
  • xfce4-notifyd - notification daemon for the tint2 panel


  • catfish - frontend for search engines
  • deadbeef - lightweight audio player for GNU/Linux based on GTK2
  • epdfview - a free lightweight PDF document viewer
  • file-roller - archive manipulator for GNOME
  • galculator - GTK+ based scientific calculator
  • gnome-mplayer - simple GTK-based GUI for mplayer
  • gpicview - lightweight image viewer
  • gucharmap - GNOME Charmap
  • firefox - standalone web browser from
  • leafpad — notepad clone for GTK+ 2.x that emphasizes simplicity and no dependencies
  • xfburn - a simple CD/DVD burning tool based on libburnia libraries


  • arandr - monitor configuration tool
  • batti - simple battery monitor for the system tray (AUR)
  • clipit - lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager (fork of Parcellite)
  • fbxkb - keyboard indicator and switcher (AUR)
  • file - file type identification utility
  • flashplugin - Adobe Flash Player
  • gparted - a Partition Magic clone, frontend to GNU Parted
  • gsimplecal - Simple and lightweight GTK calendar (AUR)
  • hardinfo - system information and benchmark tool
  • htop - interactive process viewer
  • lxinput - a small program to configure keyboard and mouse for LXDE
  • packer - simple and fast bash wrapper for pacman and the AUR (AUR)
  • scrot - simple command-line screenshot utility for X
  • xcompmgr-dana - composite window-effects manager for Xorg (AUR)

2011.11 Release

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